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1 minute 32 outdoor optical splitter box

1 minute 32 outdoor optical splitter box

Cold rolled sheet 1 minute 16 optical splitter box

Installation Instructions

1) When the optical fiber is laid in the box, no matter where it turns, the radius of curvature should not be less than 30mm.

2) The terminal, splicing, and storage of the optical fibers in the corridor optical fiber distribution box should be conveniently configured within the full capacity range.

3) The optical splitter should be modularized and integrated, and there should be no jumpers in the corridor splitter box.

4) The cover of the fusion splicing box can be opened, and it can be installed directly in the box or taken out of the box to operate, which is simple and convenient to use.

5) When the optical cable is introduced into the equipment, there must be reliable fixing and protection devices. The fixed optical cable metal moisture barrier, armor layer and reinforcing core must be reliably connected to the high-voltage protective grounding device. After the optical cable is stripped, plastic sleeves or The spiral tube protects and fixes the introduction of the optical fiber fusion splicing device. The coiling and binding of the butterfly optical cable must be natural and straight, without twisting, looping, etc., and necessary fixing devices should be used to ensure that it is not squeezed by external forces and damaged by operation.

6) The optical cable termination device of the equipment must facilitate operations such as fusion splicing, installation and maintenance of the optical fiber of the optical cable and the optical fiber of the optical cable or pigtail.

7) The fiber connector parts must be protected. After the optical fiber is spliced with the optical fiber, the joint part must be protected with a fusion splicing protective sleeve.

8) Through the pigtail, the serial number of the optical fiber in the optical cable can be quickly and conveniently scheduled and the routing of the transmission system can be changed. The length of the pigtail must meet the requirements of the fiber jumper operation.

9) The door lock of the optical fiber distribution box must be an anti-theft structure with good resistance to damage. All boxes should be reserved for traditional padlock locks or other backup solutions.