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【Technical knowledge】Does the outdoor communication cabinet need to be heated?

Outdoor cabinets are mainly used in outdoor environments, and the outdoor temperature is different in different regions and latitudes. In the severe cold area of northern China in winter, the outdoor ambient temperature even reaches minus 30 to 40 degrees Celsius, which affects the normal use of outdoor cabinets. So does the outdoor cabinet need to be heated? Here are two explanations:


First of all, the main material of the outdoor cabinet is made of metal. When the temperature difference between day and night is large, the temperature outside the cabinet will be cooled in advance, and the temperature inside the cabinet will be cooled slowly. Condensed water will form on the metal surface in the cabinet. The condensed water will cause great harm to the electrical appliances in the cabinet. It will cause circuit tripping, serious circuit short circuit, equipment burnout, resulting in immeasurable consequences. Therefore, when designing, manufacturers should consider how to eliminate condensed water. One of the methods is to add heating equipment to the cabinet to achieve the effect of heating and dehumidification.

Secondly, some electrical equipment inside the outdoor cabinet has requirements for operating temperature. For example, for UPS batteries, the suitable ambient temperature is 0-40°C, and 25°C is the best operating temperature. In cold and low temperature weather, the capacity of UPS batteries is significantly reduced, and the operating efficiency is reduced, so the internal temperature of the cabinet should be increased.

So how do outdoor cabinets heat?

Conventional methods for heating outdoor cabinets include PTC heaters and cabinet air conditioners, both of which have different heating principles and different effects. PTC heater, also known as PTC heating element, is heated by resistance wire, and the heat sink made of U-shaped aluminum profile is covered on both sides, which can quickly convert electrical energy into heat energy. The size and shape of the PTC heater can be flexibly designed, and the power can be adjusted freely to meet the needs of various cabinet types and customization in the market.

The PTC heater is equipped with a temperature controller. When the temperature is lower than the set point, the heater will automatically run, and when the temperature is higher than the set point, the heater will be automatically turned off. In addition, because of its low cost and low price, it is widely used in outdoor cabinets. Another heating method for outdoor cabinets is to use cabinet air conditioners. Compared with ordinary air conditioners, the cabinet air conditioner serves electrical equipment. The cabinet air conditioner can both cool and heat. The cabinet air conditioner uses a compressor for heating and cooling to keep the cabinet at a constant temperature and keep the electronic components inside the cabinet running stably.

To sum up, outdoor cabinets need to be heated when the weather is cold in winter in the north.