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【 Technical knowledge】Waterproof design of outdoor communication cabinet

Do you know the technical performance requirements of outdoor cabinets ? Generally speaking, outdoor cabinets do not work in a comfortable environment like indoor cabinets. The environment they are in is usually harsh. It can be said that without the support of good performance, it is difficult to survive in this environment. In this case, we need to ask it to improve its performance.

In order to improve the performance of the outdoor cabinet, we should first treat its surface. Generally speaking, the surface should be coated continuously and uniformly. The texture is consistent with the corresponding standard template, and there are no defects such as nodules, shrinkage cavities, blisters, pinholes, cracks, peeling, pulverization, and bottom leakage. For cabinets without spraying treatment, the gloss and texture of the outer surface should be uniform and beautiful.

Waterproof performance is one of the most important performances necessary for outdoor cabinets. Good waterproof performance can improve the safety of the internal components of outdoor cabinets. So that the electrical appliances in the cabinet should not be damaged. In this case, how to ensure that the outdoor cabinet has good waterproof performance?

design of the waterproof groove of the outdoor cabinet should be reasonable, and the welding points of the waterproof groove should be fully welded.

  1. The bonding of the waterproof ring or sealing strip should be reasonable, and the rationality of the size is the most important point.

We know that it is very important for outdoor cabinets to have good water resistance. The quality and performance of outdoor cabinets often determine the quality and performance of outdoor cabinets. Therefore, for outdoor cabinets, waterproofing is a link that cannot be ignored. In the process of developing self-made outdoor cabinets , Shanghai Huijue Network Communication Equipment Co., Ltd. paid great attention to the waterproof performance of outdoor cabinets , not only to meet the basic needs of customers , but also to meet the high standards and high requirements of self-made products. In the field of outdoor cabinets in the industry, we will make more and richer products, provide customers with more solutions, and add more possibilities for our own development.