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【 Emergency Support 】 Provide emergency communication support for communication base stations

With the rapid development of the Internet of Things and 5G mobile communication, the number of mobile communication users has increased dramatically, and users have higher and higher requirements for bandwidth and service quality. In response to the national call for “speed increase and fee reduction”, under the background of large traffic impact, our company independently developed and launched a new type of emergency communication support equipment in combination with market application needs.

meets the emergency communication support needs of the live network in terms of emergency support use scenarios and equipment support , and provides a standardized, modular, beautiful, flexible and convenient emergency communication support solution.

1) The base station cabinet adopts an integrated box-type mechanism design, which has the characteristics of small size, light weight, modular design, flexible equipment configuration, easy movement, and convenient deployment;

2) The base is stable and strong, equipped with 5-inch brake-type high-elasticity silent rubber wheels, which have the characteristics of shock resistance, drop resistance, wear resistance and stability, silent heavy bearing, stability without deformation, and small-scale adjustment and movement on the emergency site;

is designed for the pneumatic lifting mast. Through the self-locking device, the problem that the height of the lifting mast cannot be maintained for a long time is solved; at the same time, the matching electric air pump, air pressure guide adjustment device, emergency communication power supply, communication power interface and other devices are designed. It enables the base station to quickly deploy and raise the antenna in an emergency support scenario without external power supply, improving the timeliness of emergency communication and the stability of support;

4) AAU equipment storage is reserved in the cabinet, which facilitates the storage, access, transportation, and on-site deployment of external equipment such as 4G directional antennas, 5G AAU equipment, and RRU equipment, and improves the safety of external equipment during on-site deployment and transition. Standardize operations and improve emergency support efficiency;

5) This product is designed and equipped with a portable loading and unloading module. The loading and unloading module has the functions of easy self-loading and dumping, and can be operated by one person; through the loading and unloading module, the emergency communication base station can be easily loaded/disembarked and transferred. The whole process is flexible, fast, and convenient. One person can operate.

On March 9, 2022, the Huzhou Forest Fire Drill was held in Changxing, Huzhou. With the support of Huzhou Network Maintenance, an emergency 5G base station was opened for live broadcast, and the live broadcast signal guarantee was successfully completed.


The live broadcast was completed on the same day and received unanimous praise from users.