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” Array Cabinet “, as the name suggests, is a cabinet at the front end of a row of cabinet equipment, but in fact the top cabinet can be located at any position in a row of cabinets, or even placed separately. Column top cabinets are widely used in mobile, telecommunications, China Unicom, government agencies and various precision computer rooms.

The main function of the head cabinet is to provide power to the AC or DC loads of the cabinet where it is located, to transmit the mains power to the power distribution unit of the branch circuit, and to perform functions such as power distribution, monitoring, measurement, protection, and alarm. The altitude of the working environment of the cabinet should generally not be greater than 2000m. When it is greater than 2000m, it should be used according to the regulations. It is not suitable for severe vibration and impact. .


According to the number of channels, the top cabinets can be divided into two types: single-channel and double-channel. In order to ensure the safety of transmission, it is advisable to choose independent dual-circuit firstly; when dual-power supply incoming lines are used for the power supply of the head cabinet , when one power supply system fails and the power is cut off, the other power supply is automatically switched on to ensure the continuity of power supply. In order to realize short-circuit and overload protection, a molded case circuit breaker is used in front of the dual power supply to provide short-circuit and overload protection. It also has various isolation functions for easy maintenance. The electrical fire monitoring system, electrical fire detector and monitoring unit are generally required to be installed in the box. Since the equipment in the computer room is very sensitive to lightning strikes, it is generally necessary to choose a surge protector. Molded case circuit breakers can be selected for the main outgoing circuit of the top cabinet, and leakage modules can be installed if necessary. The power supply continuity of the equipment in the computer room is very important. The power parameter measuring instrument is equipped at the incoming line of the head cabinet, which can monitor the level of electrical parameters in real time, send fault alarm signals in time, detect potential hidden troubles in advance, and monitor the power consumption level at the same time. The power distribution module can be selected in the cabinet as required. The modular structure is convenient for disassembly and maintenance. The module allows users to quickly and flexibly add and delete circuits to meet the expansion needs of the power consumption of the computer room.

According to the monitoring method, it can be divided into full monitoring and semi-monitoring. The intelligent monitoring system of the top cabinet can monitor, alarm and count the switch status and load conditions of the power distribution system. The electrical parameters of the input part that can be monitored include: electricity, active power, reactive power, apparent power, power factor, three Phase voltage, current, frequency, etc. The electrical parameters of the output branch that can be monitored include: rated current, actual current, load percentage, load current harmonic percentage, load power, power factor, etc. These monitoring information allow users to grasp the operation status of each equipment, adjust the load distribution in time, clearly understand the power consumption of each cabinet, and provide reliable basis for energy efficiency management and energy consumption reduction.